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HVAC Heat Pumps Tampa

HVAC Heat Pumps Systems

If you’re thinking about getting a new heat pump in Tampa, FL, call the heat pump specialists at Air Turbulencia. Since 2006, we’ve been working hard to provide quality heat pumps and heat pump services.

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AC Installation Tampa

When it comes to your home’s Air Conditioner, you will definitely want the best of the best. You want the best equipment and the best Air Conditioning contractor. With us, you’ll be able to receive the best of both worlds.

Our company strives to provide the customer with their money’s worth and this is why we always provide consumers with the highest quality, most reliable products for their homes.

All Makes and Models

Our air conditioner repair team is capable of servicing all makes and models. Even if you haven’t replaced your AC unit for many years, we’ll be able to help. We have plenty of experience in the field and can work on older and newer equipment.

No matter what type of situation you’re facing, you can guarantee that our Tampa Bay AC Technician will be able to provide you with a satisfactory solution to your problem.



Regular service keeps quality performance up while holding operating costs down. You’ll want to get the best mileage out of your system, by keeping it running at peak efficiency.

HVAC Heat Pumps Installation

We specialize in helping our customers find energy efficient systems for their homes and helping them potentially reduce their energy usage. Give us a call today to talk with one of our knowledgeable specialists about the benefits of installing a heat pump system in Tampa.

Skilled, Professional Technicians

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient HVAC systems available and are a great option for homeowners in the Tampa Bay area. If your heat pump has stopped working or if it has started to require more frequent repairs, call the professional Tampa heat pump specialists at Air Turbulencia.


The heat pump specialists at Air Turbulencia provide professional installation, repair, and maintenance for heat pump systems throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Air Turbulencia Has You Covered

When it comes to a heat pump installation, it should always be handled by a professional. The Tampa heat pump installation specialists at Air Turbulencia can help you make sure that your new system is installed correctly.

One of the most important parts of getting a good quality cooling and heating performance is to make sure that your new heat pump is the right size. The only way to do that is to use special equipment to figure out how much cooling and heating demand your home has.
At Air Turbulencia, we offer a free analysis of your home that will help us determine exactly how much demand your home will have. Then we’ll be able to recommend a heat pump that fits that demand. Call the Tampa heat pump installation experts at Air Turbulencia to ensure that your new system is the right size and that it is hooked up correctly.



Heat pumps provide highly efficient heating and cooling which means that they get a lot of use throughout the year. All of that use means that they will eventually require repair. Call the Tampa heat pump repair technicians at Air Turbulencia if your heat pump has started to give you any trouble.
We’re available for emergency heat pump services for those times when something unexpected happens after hours. We take pride in the work that we do and in the level of customer service that we offer. Give us a call and figure out exactly what has gone wrong with your system.
For over 10 years, the friendly Tampa heat pump technicians at Air Turbulencia have been providing quality repair services. We’ve responded to countless calls for heat pump repairs and have seen all different kinds of problems. These are a few of the most common:


Not Cooling or Heating

If your heat pump isn’t cooling or heating your home it could mean a heat pump repair is necessary. Call the Tampa, FL heat pump repair professionals at Air Turbulencia. This problem can sometimes be something as simple as a clogged air filter, but it could also be something more serious like a leaking compressor or a bad fan motor. We’ll be able to figure out exactly what the problem is and get your system back up and running again.

Not Turning On

If your heat pump won’t even turn on, it could mean that your thermostat is bad. If your thermostat batteries are dead or if the wiring is broken, it won’t actually be able to turn on your heat pump.

Strange Noises

If your heat pump has started to make a strange noise it could be a number of different things. Squealing usually means that the fan belt is old and needs replacement. A hissing sound normally means that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere; it could be from the compressor or from the reversing valve. Gurgling is typical of low refrigerant because of the air bubbles moving through your heat pump.



Because of the year–round use that your heat pump gets, having it regularly inspected and maintained by a professional is a good idea. During maintenance visits, our Tampa, FL heat pump technicians will visit your home and thoroughly clean and inspect every component of your heat pump.
This will allow them to find any small problems or issues that could have developed. By finding those problems early and fixing them you might be able to reduce the need for costly heat pump repair. Here are a few of the potential benefits of regular heat pump maintenance and other heat pump services:
Reduced repair needs
Increased efficiency
Extended equipment life



As a homeowner, you want your heating and air conditioning systems to work for as long as possible. But eventually, you may need to replace your system. Sometimes it can be hard to know when that time is.
Call the Tampa, FL heat pump replacement professionals at Air Turbulencia today if you’ve started to have any problems with your heat pump. There are a few signs that you can watch for that could indicate that you need to replace your system:


If your heat pump is older and has started to require more frequent repairs it could be a good idea to replace it. Repairing a failing system might not make financial sense and you could likely get benefits.

Frecuent repair

No matter what age your heat pump is, frequent repairs are often a sign of a deeper issue that needs to be resolved. Sometimes, it can make a lot of sense to just replace a heat pump that needs constant attention.

Strange noises

If your heat pump is making some very loud or unusual noises it could mean that you need to replace it. The Tampa, FL heat pump replacement pros at Air Turbulencia will be able to figure out exactly what’s going on.


We install the most reliable, high-quality systems by Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating. Goodman is part of the Daikin Group, the number one residential and commercial HVAC manufacturer in the world.

Air Conditioning Installation
Every Goodman brand product is protected by a limited warranty on all functional parts. All Goodman brand products provide what we believe to be industry leading warranty protection.
Enjoy a perfect home climate within your budget
Peace of mind with warranty on new system and installation
Avoid costly repairs with a new AC Installation
Get rid of allergens and odors from the old system
Save money on high Tampa electric bills
Reduce noise and eliminate hassles

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We are professionals who will take care of your specific heating and cooling problems from install, repair and maintenance.

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HVAC Heat Pumps Tampa

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